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"I am Malala"

You may recall the name but not sure from where, Malala Yousafzai. I have just finished reading her book. This is the young girl out of Swat Valley who got shot through the eye for advocating all Pakistan girls should been given the right to be educated. Perhaps you now remember her from either her appearance on U.S. TV or from a clip posted by many on Facebook. She is lucky to be alive for many reasons none the least that the bullet missed her brain, well almost.

The story is a good read and gives some good understanding of the hardship caused by the Taliban. For those who have travelled through Pakistan, it often refers to many towns or cities you could be aware of.

For me "I am Malala" was a heroic story of a simple, young girl with a peaceful heart wanting no more than to give girls a better chance at life.

See what you think.