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This story was relayed to me by Maurie Gatton.

Late into the afternoon Maurie, crew and group arrive at a campground in Yugoslavia. Having negotiated his way via a road (track) under low lying trees they had just nestled in when there was a request from a passenger. The passenger was not feeling well and had asked Maurie to take him into town to find a doctor. Not keen to take the coach back under those low lying trees he began seeking an alternative to get the passenger to a doctor.

The manager of the campground found a Dutch couple who were willing to do the guy a favour.

The three set off for town and where gone a couple of hours. While gone it was a good opportunity for Maurie and company to have a drink or two. As they looked up he saw the Dutch couple’s car return but led by another car. The car just happened to have recognizable signage indicating it was a learner driver instructor’s car. The Dutch couple had become disorientated and solicited the other driver to show them the way back to camp. Maurie was so pleased to see that they had all made their way back and best of all the passenger had seen a doctor and dispensed with some appropriate medication.

So pleased was Maurie that he invited everyone into the camp kitchen to partake in a refreshing beverage. One drink leads to two, which leads to, ......... After a few hours the driving instructor wished to leave. Maurie still wanted to show his appreciation and offered him another drink, but the instructor insisted he need to leave. His student was patiently waiting in the car for his return. I can only imagine what condition the instructor was in to find his way back from whence he had come.