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A Few Words From Ecka

Ecka sent this to me the other day and with his permission I thought it was worth posting. Remember this was written in 2008

                                       INDIA REVISITED  -  January 2008.

Ucha, Fellow Overlanders, tika tika

Yes, I have answered the call and after 30 years I went back, accompanied by my wife who had never been. And it was great to just take in all the sites without battling the driving elements or dealing with the punters.

So I have compiled an update for you as seen through my eyes, and having only completed the 2 overlands, I apologise to all the long termers (I think Fred Sparksman completed 14) and also those of you that too have returned, if my recollections are a tad blasé.
I’ll push on:-
• That ever annoying rear sign still reads
• You can’t chuck a rightie coming out of the YMCA in Delhi
• Eugene Pram couldn’t be found in Jaipur
• UNESCO are taking over and funding major sites so:-
The shops will be stripped out of the Red Fort in Delhi
You can’t drive any closer than 5kmn to the TAJ
You must take an “electric” bus (battery powered the Indian way) for the last 2kms to Fetehpur  Sikri
• The hairdressers sign still says “we create you smart”
• There’s 34 rupes to the Aussie Buck
• Don’t visit India when our cricket team is playing the Indians with Steve Bucknor                 umpiring and......... Anti Bacterial hand gel is the saviour of Delhi Belly
• The Hotel de Paris still lives (only just) You are welcome to visit, just don’t stay !!
• Dehli to Jaipur then onto Agra, the road is “nearly a 4 lane highway” (Indian style) but after the Kesladeo Ghaua National park (bird watching joint), it reverts to its shithouse best.
• Road from Agra to Khajauro via Orchha is shithouse, shithouse !!
• Kingfisher still reigns and is available in 5% or 8% alcohol content. Rosy Pelican not seen, but an advanced brew called Sandpiper is a good drop. Limca is still out there doing well!
• Mr Kingfisher is now big airline owner wallah. Hostesses that put Virgin to shame!
• The Sikh bangle (KARA for us learned ones) is still the preferred bottle opener
• Delhi has a Metro, but won’t be completed until 2010 for the Commonwealth games; same same for the International airport terminal, the new runway and the 8 lane highway into New Delhi (where there are big shady trees for children to play)
• Ox carts, camel carts and bicycles still reign supreme over the roads but the motor bike has taken over as the preferred means of annoyance.
AND FINALLY.......if you haven’t gone back....GO  !!!

Mr Ecka